We are looking for young and hardworking people who are ready to work and invest in themselves

Job Offer for Junior Mid Backend Developer

Our development team continues to grow! So if you’re passionate about back-end development and have your claws sharpened for this role – we may have the right job opportunity for you!
The driving force behind our success has always been the people of MVSoft. 


Duties and Responsibilities

 Experience with technologies ( PHP, NodeJS )

 Learn the latest frameworks such as Symfony 6 or Express in NodeJS

 Communicate regularly and write clean code. Review, analyze and resolve application issues as needed

 Collaborate with team members on the design and implementation of new functionalities on the different platforms

 Following team coding standards and processes

 Being able to prioritize and finish multiple tasks on project

 Fixing defects and maintaining existing products

 Optimizing applications for maximum speed and scalability

Professional  Skills & Experience

 Proactive, creative participation in the execution of projects

 Ability to translate business requirements into software solutions and understand customer needs

 Good communication, interpersonal skills, and writing skills

 Experience with web technologies ong team-oriented skills (programming on the same project with other team members)

  Ability to meet deadlines, make autonomous decisions and exercise good judgement


 Working from home or office as wish as you want

 Flexible working hours

 Positive and fun team members

 Low stress environment

 Opportunities to grow professionally and personally